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Business can be a force for good

We are a giving strategy partner for small business.  We connect funds from businesses and individuals to projects that prevent addiction, break the chains of poverty and free the oppressed. 

Our goal is to transform individuals, which will transform generations to come.  100% of donations go to the projects.   


Financial Investment team

These businesses commit financially to Power of Purpose projects, which transform individuals and communities


About Us

We are passionate about adding true purpose to our work assignments.  We serve purposeful businesses by being their trusted partner for their giving strategy. Our job is to research and find the most effective approaches to lasting change, and we connect businesses to these opportunities.

We believe there is significant POWER in adding true PURPOSE to our everyday work assignments. PURPOSE goes way beyond promotions and profits!  It comes with changing a life, which transforms a generation.  Join us! 

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We invest in projects we believe will lead to lasting change, not temporary relief



We believe in helping people help themselves



What gets measured gets managed



We believe in heart involvement, not just financial involvement

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We invest in projects that offer transparency, and in people that openly communicate and operate with integrity.



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